Friday, December 14, 2012

Statistics, probability and how to win the lottery!

Let's face it - most of us who struggle through everyday life has a dream - to win the lottery and a short path to easy street! And a positive impact on the lives of family and friends, and to ensure its future - suddenly in a life where money is no longer a problem, and you can live your life the way you want to introduce transported.

This article is designed to your way of thinking as they play change their lottery numbers every week. No guarantee of winning the main prize - no one can do it! However, the mathematical methods can be used to select the numbers on the basis of the analysis of the history of the preceding drawings, and thus provides a method for target win lottery!.

Most people choose a random number. Could it birthdays, favorite numbers, plates or even strangers Canary methods you will make your choice! Many even offer "Auto Select", the selected simply wrap the measuring device and the numbers on the lottery computer, printed on the ticket. With this method of random selection is very good - after the application of pure chance, the figures were as the chance the numbers that are selected by the person in line behind you selected win.


The answer, if a bit odd, probably not. I say 'probably' is the key word, because I use to introduce the concept of probability will. Probably (!) Remember who visits the school each year. Is the law of probability based, and the idea is that over a long period, the number of exactly the same procedure (ie lottery) to the average number of times they tend to be drawn.

A simple example - a coin! There are two possible outcomes: heads or tails. Turn the piece for the first time, we have no way of knowing, the result could be a complement. Turn the coin five times, still do not know with certainty that the result achieved.

But let's flip the coin 20 times (I do when I write this). Here are my findings:


Therefore, the twelve heads and eight tails. Since there are only two possible outcomes and a story (small) are above results, we can conclude that. The probability that one is a tail on the next toss to have a leader that

Now, we will apply it to winning the lottery! Lotteries have been around for many years, and we are able to obtain a history of previous results. From above, we can see that the numbers are drawn more frequently in recent times and random as this figure can get more rare in the future. Instead, the figures that are often more rare. This is what to do with the probability - in simple terms, of course!

But how does this apply to the numbers really look like? Well, that's the thing, of course! Knowledge to properly interpret these stories, small group of numbers that can be learned and add a level of "chance", inherent in all lotteries, is the key to changing the method of selecting numbers and the increased likelihood of Lottery win every week, even if the grand prize!

For example, if you look at the number 43 (chosen completely at random) and watch his story analyzed in recent weeks against 26 other numbers are down, we can see that has been developed and is rarely found in a group of numbers at the bottom End of list. We can conclude that in the coming weeks 26 This number is likely to draw - note that I say "probably" - okay, nothing is safe! Those that have a lot of probability theory can be applied to complex equations to know the numbers in the list of groups to receive "fair" - "you know" and often jealously secret

Millions and millions of people play random selection of numbers each week. Change the way you. Your lottery numbers through a methodical approach and take their chances of winning by understanding the opportunities Please visit this website [] for more information about this topic, and access to a valuable resource that will teach you how to implement a good strategy for winning the lottery last!