Saturday, December 1, 2012

lotto Wheels By their Guarantee

Real players lottery numbers reflect a little game in a rational manner to realize that the price for the first victory is highly unlikely, but what a small amount is not impossible, and the amount you want to maximize profits.

With classic choice Lotto 6 Pool 49 together to play an integral cost of 3 or probabilities are obtained from the inverse of the graduation of all received 13,983,816 49c6 CombSix of 6C3 or 20 ways is CombThree opportunities in line or block of 12,341 43c3 CombThree options ( supplement 6C3) multiplied. The odds are 1 in 56.66 then rounded 1-57 and reasonable, the 57 lines of the random selection draw would be on average you play to win by raffle.

If you've played about 3 times or 57 lines 171 lines of random selection by lot, can reasonably expect to receive an average of 3 wins per draw. If insured for 163 row by an average of about 3 Wins by Los played, so it would be interesting if it was determined that in the UK bet to £ 163 or £ 30 in 18% yield. However, if the warranty is only 10 pounds or return of 6% and the analysis is that the entire structure is biased or distorted worked to a uniform price CombThree is to receive rather than a multiple of three, then the attraction virtually nonexistent for rational players.

There are some facts that are irrational players have a preference for a guarantee, no matter what it takes, and expressed little return. Works for 1000, attracts over 6163 teams randomly calculated probabilities, not always a price are negligible ¼ of 1 percent, and only 16% chance of a uniform price CombThree with a probability of 83% CombFour CombThree several prizes and the other will get a total return of 21.6%. In comparison, the top of the line 163 guarantees a minimum return of 60 pounds and a 33.3% chance of a uniform price CombThree only with a 66.7% probability of several awards for CombFour CombThree and overall performance, the lowest percentage of 16.6% . See the table here to the terraces and pools line number.

Each student serial number Lotto or structural analysis must be familiar with trims or guarantees, which in my case to play absolutely as their method to obtain minimal number of lines while ensuring common structure can be used as a reference.

Lotto language or selecting numbers trim is played by a line and the pool is the amount you can choose supplements. For a series of 6/49 lotto guarantee 3if3 or wheel the minimum number of rows to ensure is that when you play any of the 18,424 CombThrees 49c3 or at least a recent record low of 1084 lines.

For various reasons, some facts, know the size of the pool and to ensure less difficult. A mandate to 3if3 pool 49 also say would guarantee 3if4 and 3if5 3if6. With some redundancy Likewise, if a warranty 3if5 3if4 and 3if6 and ensure 3if5 3if6. A guarantee for 44 3if3 pool also a guarantee of the pool 3if4 45, a guarantee for the pool 3if5 46 and a guarantee of the pool would be 3if6 47. Guaranteed for 3if4 pool 44 also a guarantee for the pool 3if5 45 and a guarantee of the pool would be 3if6 46. Also a guarantee of 44 3if5 pool guarantee or warranty 3if6 45 of 207 for pool 3if5 Line 48 is also a pool cover 3if6 49 with redundancy because you can do in 163 lines.

The following graph shows the relationship between the different options in this case requires 3if3 3if4 and 3if5 3if6 for different pool sizes and the number of lines. As Professor Ilija stupid Bluskov covers (click for article) 3if6 possible about 87 lines, or about half of the current record of 163 indicated appear to be absurd. Briefly, as the graph shows that the pool increases 3if6 curve for increasing the number of rows in order to make a cover, and in a bath of about 87-163 lines in the pool 49 is simply not possible, because the correlation between all the guarantees and security for each curve would be against reconciliation.

An obvious example is the C (44,6,3,5) = 154 for two Steiner C (22,6,3,3) = 77 = each with only 22 of these 44 numbers and constructed by definition, a maximum of 154 x 20 compaction CombThrees 3080th Memory pool for 44 (44,6,3,6) C = 123 or less than 31 lines and 3if5 this difference increased to 71 to the current C (49,6,3,5) = to save 234 and C ( 49,6,3,6) = 163. How can math teacher specializing in combinatorics Bluskov Ilija, who is by his own description, a "lottery expert" seriouly suggest that the difference may be 147 is much smaller than that produced C Steiner (44,6,3, 5) = 154?

"If the union decides to entries that play the blocks correspond to a coating (14,6,4), then they get at least a 4-profits every time one of your 4 numbers from 14 So give the union. Applies to all warranties (14,6,4) offers the same warranty will need to choose the most "economic" coverage, ie the weakest layer "known number of blocks, which reduces the current 80 and Buy Both the number of entries.

"Of course, one may ask: What is the advantage of playing in a victory guarantee Comparison play 80 innings against 80 random inputs in a (14,6,4), because we see that the probability of winning a 6 - (" the Jackpot) is the same for each entry, ie (-1 49c6). However, if there are four numbers drawn chosen among the 14 numbers of the union, then the 80 entries in A guarantee (14,6,4) so ​​that it includes a 4-win, while 80 cards at random (in the same 14 numbers) guarantee nothing! "

This is pure speil - taste of snake oil salesmen like Gail Howard or Ken Silver is expected - a professor of mathematics and science in a PhD in mathematics faith arises. Maintained regardless of the complexity of the entire equation Bluskov for one, it would not accept at face value. Where the relevance of reality is in these two paragraphs?

To ensure a hypothetical winning Pick 6, Pool 14 Lotto Thurs played only 4 lines, ie C (14.6,3,6) = 4 and win a 4-C, or only 14 lines (14.6, 4.6) 14th Based on the number of lines (and especially 80) is no doubt they are the "economic" coatings according to the teachers, despite the lack of relevance of a set of 6/49 lotto?

The chances of a victory in a four-game Lotto 6/49 are 1 49c6 / ((6C4) x ​​(43c2)) = 13983816 / (15 x 903) = 1032.39. 4-A winner is expected on average in 1000, and played a line random seletion 80 with the pool 49 times 13 draws. In fact, you do not have to wait so long for an award is a prize 1 in 54 for a price you will get, on average, a draw play only 54 rows get random selection. The chances of winning 4 in a Pick 6, Pool read 14 Lotto Game Scenario 1 in 7 to 80 lines at least 34 wins and 3 4 of 4 wins each drawing is a 5-win or provided other awards with another 73% of prints and not of the game results in a Lotto 6/49.

The chances of winning on a 4-a hypothetical Pick 6, Pool is 14 Lotto game Do hedge line 80 true, but not when exposed to a Pick 6, Pool applied 49 lotto game. In fact, due to the highly distorted structure of the roof line 80 or the wheel of your chances of getting a 3-win, let alone a 4-win against a random selection with the pool of 49 is greatly reduced. The number of different CombThrees is 80 lines of Pick 6 80 x 20 = 1600 different CombFours and 80 x 15 = 1200, and a random selection of 80 lines is available in the vicinity, which conducted 18,424 and 211,876 different CombThrees CombFours. However, the C (14,6,4,4) = 220 CombThrees is 80 is repeated 4 times and 5 times with 144 CombFours repeated 2 times 95, 20 and 16 repeated repeated 3 times 5 repetitions. To reach for a party instead of 1600 CombThree work this goal only CombFours 364 and instead of a possible total of only 1,200 different CombFours 870th

The absurdity qualify the statement with "... 80 random inputs (in the same 14 numbers) guarantee nothing!" blatently obvious. First, the most important countries Lottery does not offer random selection to anything other than the deck and pool for the game in this case is from 6 to 49 years, and if, as Australia is limited in this case, the feedback system or complete wheels up to 18 numbers or 18,564 lines. Secondly, even if someone has taken the trouble to create 80 choice of 6 lines with limited access to 14, then this game could be more than 1,000 works by producing a yield of 11% more wins to 9% over cover.