Monday, September 3, 2012

5 lottery winners advice

For those who have played the lottery, have, no matter where in the world in which we live, at one time or
others were sitting and dreaming about how they spend the profits.
I knew what I had. That was until I started to win the lottery. Now I win, I would like to share with you some tips lottery winner.

Here are five simple tips that follow will help you achieve your goal of financial independence.

Tip 1 - Do not play the lottery, if he wants. I know this sounds probably obvious, but you'd be surprised how many people I talk, you play the lottery several times and wonder why they have not yet won. You need a schedule and stick to it. If it once a week, twice a week or twice a month.

Tip 2 - Do not just play in the most popular day. If you are only on Saturdays (UK Lotto), the more likely to. The benefits to share with others I would say that you check with your local lottery companies store and ask what are the quietest days.

Tip No. 3 - NO computer games lottery games. Make sure lottery games to use real bullets to select the winning numbers to play. The most popular are the bullets, "Ping Pong", which are selected from a barrel.

Tip # 4 - If you tickets for the 'Lucky' magazine? The truth is that happiness does not matter. Stores that, advertise that they produce a large number of lottery winners, really just means that they are a busy shop.

Tip # 5 - Make sure security lottery tickets. What I mean by security? Well, if you do not want to lose your chances of winning ticket (s), make sure the photo copy of your entries, then store them in a safe place. Write your name. On each ticket Include "ticket owner" words

Now I know you probably have some, if not all of my lottery winning belongs five points. However, this is simply because they work!

Seriously, I know it sounds stupid, but trust me. By following these tips, you are only open to increase your lottery win. However, if you want to increase your lottery ten times, you have a lottery winner specialist. There are a lot of them. Make sure, however, that. Any statements that the competition for the right numbers

No system can accurately predict winning numbers lottery lottery. You increase your chances of winning the lottery.